CF log 26/09/15 (Sat)

Didn’t go cf on Fri cos when I woke up, felt that my ankle/foot hurt a little as I walked (from the fall during hs walk practice on Thurs). Plus I felt sleepy and, ok, lazy hahaha.

But back at box today cos my ankle seems fine (though yes still hurts slightly sometimes)!


12 min to establish 1 RM C&J [squat clean, push jerk; 54.3kg]
12 min to establish 3 RM front squat [64.9kg]



4 rounds –
75 DUs
10 deficit HSPUs [scaled to 10 kipping HSPUs with 1 ab mat]
5 power clean @ 70% of 1 RM C&J done earlier [46.8kg; >70%]

Thought was gonna be a quick WOD, but I took so long >< Definitely more than 20 minutes! D: I blame the HSPUs haha :P The rest was pretty ok! I was just slowww :/ My ankle hurt as I was kicking up to HS after the 2nd round… Hope it’s ok and I can still WOD tmr! As of now still planning to go! :D


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