CF log 28/09/15 (Mon)

Woke up and felt that my elbow hurt a little today. It felt weird cos when I try to extend it, it hurts. But I could do all the barbell work quite ok haha.


7-min EMOM 2 TnG power C&J [46.8kg]
4 x {3 strict press + 5 push press} [2x 29.1kg, 2x 31.6kg]

Supposed to have a last set with 3 strict press and ME push press but didn’t have time; being rushed for WOD alr ^^”


5 rounds –
50 walking lunges (25L+25R)
3 pull-ups and ring dips [scaled down from 3 MUs]

YAY did ring dips without band! :D First time doing bandless during a WOD haha. But cos it’s just 3 each time and I didn’t string all (except first round. The rest were like 2-1 or 1-1-1 haha); but it’s a start!


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