CF log 04/10/15 (Sun)

Not sure if I should classify it as a strength/skill thing or a WOD hahaha. All we did were back squats. 180 to be exact.

3 x 10-min –
1st set: EMOM 3 back squats @ 80% [65.4kg]
2nd set: EMOM 5 back squats @70% [60.4kg]
3rd set: EMOM 10 back squats @ 50% [42.7kg]

Oh yay, I used my target weight of 65kg for the first set! :D I thought I used slightly lighter cos I was just doing guess-timates of the weights!

Maybe I could have gone for 46.8kg for the last set…

Legs kinda sore after that, and stairs were a chore D:


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