CF log 14/10/15 (Wed)

(I’m actually so happy that my cpy installed chrome on all comps and I can now update my blog at work. The old IE couldn’t even display wordpress cos browser version too old??!!)


5 x 3 split jerk (3-sec pause at top) [42.7kg, 4x 46.8kg]

The jerks just felt so heavy today :S

5 x 1 pause clean + 1 pause hang clean [46.8kg, 51.3kg, 3x 55.8kg]


Teams of 3 –
Rotate every minute between assault bike, row, 10 burpees until both the bike and rower have accumulated 150 calories each. When rower accumulates 150 calories first, use that minute to rest instead.

Haha, no idea how else to describe the wod today.. so that’s (above) my shot at it :P Two other girls on my team that I’m not particularly close to :P Assault bike was not easy doing immediately after rows. At some point I was cycling quite slowly and coach came over and said “Assault bike not cycle lidat one la, you think gym ah! Is like that; see him (riku)!”. But then she went on to say he (riku) siao one HAHAHA. Though¬†anyway, ya la, I was a bit slow that round ^^” Think my max was only abt 12-13 cal in a min?


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