CF log 15/10/15 (Thu)

Today’s wod was in the form A-B-C-D-E-D-C-B-A pattern; if you get what I mean :P I actually like this kinda wods; prefer it over those x rounds of a set of exercises, which we do more often haha. Anyway yeah, this kinda wods are really tiring, but it’s so shiok once you’re done! :D


10-min alt EMOM –
(a) 10 front squats @ 75% [51.3kg; only first set was 10, the rest 8 ^^”)
(b) 20 shoulder touches

Squats were really quite bad and that’s not even really my 75%. I used about 2-4kg less depending on whether I’m counting my 1RM as 70 or 74kg haha! I hesitate to count it as the latter cos it has been really long since I managed that weight. Nowadays, I’m dying at 70kg D:

Shoulder touches were sposed to be back facing wall, but I really could not lift my hands up AT ALL if I did it that way!! Like my hands just wouldn’t move cos so much weight is there + I’m scared haha.

These 2 exercises btw really took a toll on the upper back and lats area. Especially for the front squats, it wasn’t the legs that were tired, but the upper body that just found it SO hard to support the bar anymore T_T


30-cal row
30 wall balls [(14#)]
30 TTB
30 deadlifts [(135#)]
30 burpee box jumps [(20″)]
30 deadlifts
30 TTB
30 wall balls
30-cal row

Finished in 31:24. Was so glad when it was over. Seriously just lay down on the ground drenched in sweat hahaha :P #gross

Idk, my back felt suan while doing this wod. I wore a belt for deadlifts. My back gets tired quite quickly these days T_T #signsofoldage or maybe I just haven’t fully recovered from team series events last Sunday, right? :P

The burpee box jumps took forever. Each rep was so agonizing and felt sooo long D: It was sposed to be box jump OVERS. But seriously, box jumps was bad enough. Actually, I think it was the burpees that made it bad. If it was just box jumps (-overs or not), it may have been easier?


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