CF log 23/10/15 (Fri)

TGIF!!! My course ended early today cos of some issues hehe yay!! Not complaining at all :D So I went home and managed to get to the 630pm class :)

We didn’t do a wod today cos coach said haze very bad haha. So everything was strength. After outlaw strength, did more strength :P So here was the program for the day

(from outlaw)

4 x {2 strict press + 5 push press} [2x 31.1kg, 2x 33.6kg]
1 x {2 strict press + ME push press} [10 reps @ 31.1kg]
Every 2:00 for 8:00 5 TnG power C&J [33.6kg, 36.1kg, 37.7kg, 40.2kg, 42.7kg]

According to outlaw, it’s starting from 65% work up. I realised my 65% was only at my 2nd set… oops >< Anyway after my first set of C&Js, coach came over to ask me if I was ok?? I have nooo idea why… Was thinking is it cos I did too light/looked like I was gonna die under that weight?! :P I just replied that I was ok, but I think she gave me a weird look??? hahaha okaaayyy, so random xD

(more strength stuff)

4 x 3 back squat [69.4kg, 2x 69.9kg, 74.9kg]
10-min EMOM 1 back squat [78.5kg, 6x 81kg, 3x 83.5kg]

For the sets of 3 back squats, the second set has such a tiny increment cos I didn’t intend to increase weight but the plates I used were different (at first 25+35#, then became 25#, three 10# and 2.5kg per side) cos coach told me to share the bar with Gladys and Rachel instead. At first I was with jw >< Obviously cmi but she always asks to partner me?!!

Anyway it should have been 5 sets of 3, but coach was gonna start EMOM.. and Gladys and Rachel were already done with the bs.. and since I was sharing bar with them, don’t delay their EMOM also la. So I didn’t have time to complete my 5th set :/


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