CF log 28/10/15 (Wed) + GRE test

It has been a super long day today. Cf in the morning, then studied/rested at home for a while, before making my way for GRE test. Then SMU PhD program briefing after and finally home again around 9pm D:

So, cf this morning –


5 x {1 pause clean + 1 pause hang clean + 1 pause hang clean from power position}
[2x 46.8kg, 3x 51.8kg] –  ugh, forgot how many sets at what weight, but think got up to 51.8kg
4 x {1 push press + 2 push jerk + 3 split jerk} [37.7kg, 3x 42.7kg]


“Macho man”
20-min EMOM –
3 power clean [37.7kg]
3 front squat
3 push jerk

Was supposed to use an appropriate weight that is not too light and decently heavy such that we could still sustain 20 rounds of this haha. So I did 37.7kg (85#) all the way. Shared a bar with Anny, but after a few rounds, she added 2.5kg clamps too (so became 95#); I stuck with my 37.7kg hehe. Around the 12-13th minute, we started to slow down and run too much into the next minute; couldn’t both complete the set within the same minute. So we decided to ignore the EMOM and just keep taking turns to do (with almost no rest as though EMOM) till we hit 20 sets haha. It was really tiring. My legs felt tired and my lower back started to ache a little towards the last few rounds, especially while doing the front squats ><

GRE test

It was such a long and brain-draining process. Took like 4+ hours to finish inclusive of short 1-min or so breaks. I did not take a 10 minute break that was also provided actually haha. Cos wanted to just get the test over and done with. Seriously did have a mild headache after everything was over :/

They were so strict at the test centre??! You could not bring ANYTHING into the test venue, including water bottles. Couldn’t even wear a watch! I had my hair tie around my wrist and even THAT, they told me it should be on my hair. Erm ok. No idea how I can cheat with a hair tie around my wrist…. Oh, and the form of ID to be used is a passport cos it has your signature in it, which they need. Ok. But even my passport they had issues to pick?! Cos yknow how when you travel to some countries they give you a slip of paper instead of a chop?? I had one of those slips of paper glued onto my passport. When the person saw it (while checking my identity before going test venue), she looked at it for quite a while and was picking at it. I didn’t really know what she was doing then, so I told her that’s a chop thing but in paper form. Then she said, yeah she knows but usually not supposed to bring in any papers to the test venue… In my mind I was like WHAT, even travel slips also must ji jiao??! I bet while fiddling with it she was wondering if it could be taken out or something. But in the end the travel slip was left there la, nothing happened haha. If she actually told me to take it out just in case I get caught or something, I would totally roll eyes man!!

Ok, so anyway it was a computer-based test system… so scores were immediate shown (except for the essay) after the whole test was completed. I got a 158 for verbal and 166 for quantitative (both out of 170). Happy with the latter! But kinda just okay for the former haha. I really have no idea what is a good score.. cos I think the percentiles/averages change based on the batch of students taking the GRE or smth?? And I haven’t got the essay scores, which I think would not be very good. I’m really hoping I just get at least the average of 4 (out of 6)… Cos there were 2 questions to be answered and one of them I didn’t really know how to argue my stand cos I was thrown off by a word in the question, which I did not have a good understanding of. I actually inferred the meaning of that word from the essay question itself?!! Thankfully I inferred it sorta correctly… but my essay for that question, on hindsight, still sucks cos I really had little to NO points of discussion for the topic D:



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