CF log 09/11/15 (Mon)


Every 2:00 for 8:00 (total 5 sets) –
3 T&G power clean & push jerks [2x 42.7kg, 3x 46.8kg]

4 x {1 strict press + 3 push press} [2x 33.6kg, 2x 36.1kg]
1 x {2 strict press + ME push press} [33.6kg; 7 reps]

Just realised that according to outlaw programming, the ME set should be done using the heaviest weight from the first set lol. Not sure if I could have done it cos 36.1kg is my current 1RM for strict presses hahaha :P


20-min AMRAP –
1k row
200m KB farmers carry [(16kg)]
40 burpee box step ups [(20″)]

Anny and I started with the step ups, then farmers carry then row. I managed to complete 1 round + 9 burpee box step ups! :) Step ups were quite tiring tho! And cos you had to keep picking up the KBs, it was a dread to be doing the farmers carry after haha. But I managed to walk the 200m without dropping the KBs :D And then finally the row… I couldn’t really feel my arms/shoulders/lats anymore to pull the rower very well LOL. Still possible, but achy at all the important places haha D: Since I was only aiming to complete one round, anything beyond was a bonus for me, so am quite satisfied with what I managed! :)


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