CF log 11/11/15 (Wed)

Went for the evening class today under the impression that it was gonna be “Power Elizabeth” WOD. All those cleans. And ring dips, which I can’t do; but whatever because cleans xD In the end, it was the prescribed outlaw WOD for today >< Snatches, burpees, DUs. But ok, it was quite fun anyway!


5 rounds –
0:30 ME front squats @ 70% [46.8kg; avg 8 reps]
0:30 rest
0:30 HS hold (should have been back facing wall shoulder taps, which I really CMI)
0:30 rest

Every 1:30 for 9:00 (7 sets) 3 T&G power snatch
[33.6kg, 36.1kg, 40.2kg, 3x 42.7kg, 45.2kg]


5 rounds –
24 DUs
12 bar-over burpees
4 hang power snatch (105#) [95#]

Finished in 15:00. Ok I suppose. Quite tiring and breathless while doing.. I felt it when I was only at my first round after the burpees ^^” #weak #ortoochiong hahaha. I actually failed my first 95# snatch >< Luckily I managed the rest quite ok, otherwise I think I would be forced to drop weight :P Anyway tho shag while doing, recovery was pretty quick! But still don’t think I could have rx-ed it. If I did, either take FOREVER to complete, or I wouldn’t even be able to clear the reps; latter more likely HAHA.


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