CF log 18/11/15 (Wed)


10-min EMOM – 1 hang squat clean + 2 jerks
[worked up from 37.7kg to last 2 sets 49.3kg]

BUT I MISSED THE LAST JERK OF MY LAST SET T_T I’m still sucking at OH stuff since foreverrrr. If I really quit my job by early next year, and ideally get some grad sch placement that starts in the later half of the year…. then I’d have more time to work on crossfit stuff HAHA. It would be like last year all over again; missing those days :’)


50 KB swing [(16kg)]
50 box jump step-overs/downs(?)
50 C2B

Everything was ok except C2Bs, which I changed to pull ups :X hahahah. I only did my last 6 reps as C2Bs :P

After wod, we also had to do –

4 x 12 HSPU
4 x 10 tempo TTB (3-sec down)

Tempo TTB was IMPOSSIBLE. I think max my tempo was just 1-sec down LOL. I ended up doing normal TTB for at least 3 sets xD


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