CF log 25/11/15 (Tue)


10:00 EMOM hang clean + 2 jerk
[42.7kg, 3x 45.2kg, 3x 51.3kg, 2x 53.8kg, 56.3kg]

WOOHOOOO~ significantly heavier than last week! I was only at 49.3kg last week?? :O Must have been too shag that week or smth o.O hahaha


50 burpee over bar
50 thrusters [(65#)]
50 burpee over bar

Finished in 15:32! :) Not too bad la.

Did the HSPUs and TTB thing at the end of class.

4 x 12 strict HSPU [did 3 sets only :X first set 12, the rest 10]
4 x 10 TTB [sposedly tempo, but did normal cos tempo is really cmi :P]


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