CF log 18/12/15 (Fri)

Strength day, the supposedly most “slack” day of the workout week, is getting more intense :O

Teams of 3, accumulate 150-cal on assault bike
EMOM rotate exercises between bike, butterfly sit-ups, plank hold

Teamed with 2 other guys and they prolly tanked a lot of the assault bike cals >< I think I only managed about 10 or slightly less for each minute of assault bike I did. We finished before the 13:00 if I remember correctly.

Back squat
5:00 EMOM 5 reps: 60.8kg
5:00 EMOM 3 reps: 64.9kg, 4x 69.9kg
5:00 EMOM 1 rep: 73kg, 78kg, 3x 83kg

Deadlift [74.4kg, 76.9kg, 83kg, 85.5kg, 88kg, 90.5kg]
Bench press [33.6kg, 38.6kg, 42.2kg, 3x 44.7kg]

Realised I stayed at the same weight for 3-2-1 reps :P Cos when I tried to add another 2.5kg to the bar (i.e. 1.25kg a side), I could not even do even 1 rep! >< It’s probably mental cos my last rep at 44.7kg looked and felt too easy ^^”


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