CF log 24/12/15 (Thu)


Paused front squat
3-2-2-1-1 (forgot the % for each)
[worked from 51.3kg to 69.9kg]
Alternate with 4 x 1:00 ring lock-out [can nvr hold for the full minute]

7:00 EMOM 1 power snatch
[worked up from 37.7kg to last 2-3 sets at 46.8kg]
At 10:00 mark, 1:30 ME power snatches [only managed 6]


50 DUs
15 OHS [(95#)]
100 DUs
30 OHS
100 DUs
15 OHS
50 DUs

DNF T_T Had 15 OHS left! Borrowed wrist guards for this workout cos after the first 15 OHS, my wrists were starting to hurt a bit :/ Then after the workout, tho I didn’t finish, my shoulders and back were srsly DYING and screaming in pain. Had totally no energy anymore and moving around was quite a chore cos I was so achy?? >< Thankfully it was a half-day at work today and I could get home to rest early in the afternoon!


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