CF log 03/01/15 (Sun)

Last day that my workout partner’s gonna be in SG before flying to France for 6 (long) months! D:

Unexpectedly, it was 9am gymnastics class today :P But Anny, David and I stayed for the 10am class.

I was dying…

Though it was only strength day stuff ><

We did SO MANY pull-ups (different types – scapula(?), deficit, strict) during gym class and warm-up for the 10am class was….

10 to 1 burpee pull-ups

55 pull-ups in that warm-up alone. Died.

Then the strength day stuff as usual. But all the weights I used today were not that great I think. I felt like I was struggling so bad! ><

Bench press [2x 37.7kg, 3x 40.2kg, 42.7kg]
Deadlifts [69.4kg to 2 reps @ 92.1kg, didn’t do 1 RM]

EMOM back squats –
0:00-5:00 5 back squats
5:00-10:00 3 back squats
10:00-15:00 1 back squat


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