CF log 12/01/15 (Tue)

Day 2/5 of the week. But I received news today that it’s gonna be my div retreat on Friday… which means, start late end early!!! Reporting time 9.45am, target end time 4.15pm xD xD

Anw today’s class… one exercise after another. No break. Damn shag.


Every 1:30 for 9:00, 3 position snatch (mid thigh, above knee, ground)
[2x 37.7kg, 2x 40.2kg, 2x 42.7kg, 45.2kg]

4 x 8 thrusters [33.6kg, 36.1kg, 37.7kg, 40.2kg]
4 x 3 ring dips

Ok, kinda cheated on the ring dips part. It was supposed to be 4 x 3 MUs. Initially was told to try jumping MUs, but coach saw me struggle like crazy for the ring dip part and told me to work on my ring dips >< So I did. Unbanded :D But towards last few reps I could only do one by one heh. And my ring dips were really ugly…. Ok, I threw in some pull-ups too.. like 2 x 3??? Hahahah.


15:00 AMRAP –
(1 “round” =)
3 clusters
6 burpees
9 C2B
Increase 3 reps of each exercise after each round.

I completed up to the round of 9-12-15 (3rd round), plus 3 clusters of the next round before time was up.


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