CF log 13/01/15 (Wed)


Every 2:00 for 12:00, 3 position clean (hip, above knee, ground) + 1 jerk
[worked from 42.7kg to 2x 51.8kg, 56.3kg]

Except that the 56.3kg… I missed the jerk >< couldn’t lock out my right elbow! D:

6 rounds –
:45 kipping HSPU/HS hold
:15 rest
:45 DUs (avg at least 30?)
:15 rest

Kipping HSPUs were only good for the first round.. at least 5? The other rounds were only 1-2 or smth on average, then HS hold ^^” I have decided that every time there is no mention of strict HSPU, I will practise my kipping! (e.g., in wods)


75-cal row
50 burpees
25 power clean (120#) [125#]

I took about 24:40. Took forever for the power cleans. And I did more than rx cos it was more convenient to load the bar with 45# on each side, rather than an odd 42.5# on each side haha.


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