CG log 17/01/15 (Sun)

Woke up this morning with really achy quads >< prolly from the wod ytd :P


12-min to establish 1 RM snatch [54.3kg] – PR! :D
7 x 3 front squat (work up to 3 RM) [46.8kg to 71.9kg]

Tried 74.4kg for fronts squats but could only manage 2 reps.


12:00 AMRAP –
100 DUs
25 power snatch [(85#)]

Well, it was supposed to be an AMRAP but somehow we were not asked to stop after the 12 min haha. Even with the “extra time”, I didn’t complete everything >< Only did the DUs, snatches and 23 HSPUs.

Anyway I did check how far I had gone at the 12 min mark – I was done with all the DU and snatches, plus 10 HSPUs haha.

I think if I had done everything in order, with HSPUs before snatches, I wouldn’t even be able to hit the snatches… I don’t think I could have been done with 50 HSPUs!

Practised kipping HSPUs today; with one ab mat below my head.


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