CF log 30/01/16 (Sat)


5 x 5 power clean + 3 jerks [2x 46.8kg, 2x 49.3kg, 51.8kg (4 jerk)]


25-min ascending ladder –
Deadlift (125#) [155#]
Box jumps
Round of 2-4-6-8… etc.

I completed up to the round of 12 + 14 reps deadlift and box jumps + 2 HSPUs haha. I tried to do kipping HSPUs all the way! I stumbled at the round of 6 (or 8?), but after that the kipping HSPUs worked out fine. Slower, but I get to train the range of motion for HSPUs :D

And only after the wod did I realise that the deadlift rx was just 125# -.- I THOUGHT IT WAS 155# (~70kg, same as that used in AFT). So I did the whole wod with the rx+ weight omg ^^” And I made Yzanne do it too since we were sharing bar :P Before that she even told me not to make her do extra ah! Cos Veron was asking about weights to load/what weight we were doing I think.. I even confidently said that we loaded our bar correctly = 70kg >< OH WELL. Better to rx+ than use less weight right…?


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