CF log 17/02/16 (Wed)

Warm-up was foam rolling today. HOW SHIOK IS THAT HAHA. Fav kinda warm-up xD


6 rounds –
0:45 HSPU
0:15 rest
0:45 DUs
0:15 rest

Every 2:00 for 12:00 1 p clean + 1 push jerk + 1 (squat) clean + 1 push jerk
[37.7kg, 42.7kg, 45.2kg, 46.8kg, 51.8kg, 54.3kg, 56.8kg (missed last jerk)]


3 rounds –
10 DB clean to thrusters [(12.5kg)]
24 pistols

Sposed to be a 10:00 AMRAP, but coach said she knows some pple will slack so she made it 3 rounds hahahaha. She knows us well xD I think I took 1-2min more than 10min to finish this :P I thought the DB cleans were so awkward hahahah. Like my motion didn’t feel very smooth at all!

(read more for some bitching :P)

Anyway I find it quite annoying that this person keeps “spying” on me to see when I finish my wod… just so she can get to the shower first. ERM. I know you wanna shower first -.- And pls la, you wanna chiong don’t make it so blatantly obvious can? Like today, spy on me see that I finished wod then you also ended your wod and went to the shower…… *ROLL EYES* I AM NOT COMPETING WITH YOU????

I honestly don’t chiong to the shower and try to be the first. If I’m first it just happens that I’m efficient and happen to reach the shower first while everyone is still cooling down/packing/wodding.

The ONE time I happened to get in the shower before this person was cos I saw she was still wodding so I decided I should just go first since I was done? And I think that day was a day we ended early too, like those 7:50+ timing. Otherwise, was I supposed to wait for her to finish by 8am then let her shower first before I go shower??! Like boliao right?! Since then she rly up-ed her “spy” game.

Even before today – 2 days ago or smth – she finished her wod before me, but I think she saw it was still early, so she decided to do some rolling and stuff. Then once she saw me with my bag of bathing stuff, she immediately stopped whatever she was doing and asked her friend to help her keep the equipment (roller and abmat I think) while she went to the shower first; before I can reach there. OMG MACHIAM COMPETITION SIA zzzzz. And btw, I was STROLLING to the shower. After she asked her friend to help her keep the stuff, she actually RAN there. Major *roll eyes*??

And I think what’s annoying also is that if she is always in such a rush and MUST shower first to get to work on time or smth, she could have just went to shower earlier immediately after she finished wodding? Instead of taking her time rolling and doing abmat sit-ups or smth.. I mean, if she REALLY always needs to shower first, she should just go shower after wod even if she finishes early… rather than only wait till she sees me otw to bathe then literally chiong there right -.- like damn childish also sia. UGH.

I thought I should be nice and understand that maybe she has to chiong to work by x time and if she bathes later she won’t be able to make it on time. BUT the para above kinda disproves this point? So I guess I really have no understanding for this person now. Her actions are just gonna keep annoying me and disgust me -.-


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