CF log 20/02/16 (Sat)

Short session today cos the wod’s really short haha! But still so tiring :P


10 rounds –
0:30 10 wallballs (remaining time rest) [14#]
0:30 rest

I did 12 wall balls each time so totaled 120 :)


5 x 3 p clean + 5 push jerk [37.7kg, 42.7kg, 46.8kg, 49.3kg, 51.8kg]

I FINALLY DID A COMPLETE SET FOR 51.8KG :D Past few weeks I would miss like 1-2 of the jerks once I go beyond 35# on each side (i.e. 46.8kg) ><


9:00 AMRAP –
15 TTB
10 deadlift [(75#)]
5 p snatch [(75#)]

Did 3 rounds + 15 TTB and 2 deadlift; 107 reps. It was actually worse than my results last year when I did it during opens season??! Oh well :P


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