CF log 03/03/16 (Thu)

Super long since I’ve done strict presses! Finally back to the old 7 x 3 sets for strength day, so hello again strict press haha.

I’ve gained weight since the last time I did 7 x 3 strength sets. But the weights I use are still about the same. Sigh :(

Anyway warm-up was the teams of 3 assault bike (accumulate 150-cal), run, rest routine.

Deadlift [80.4kg, 2x 82.9kg, 2x 85.4kg, 2x 87.9kg]
Strict press [3x 31.1kg, 4x 33.6kg]
Bench press [2x 37.7kg, 5x 40.2kg]

I felt that my bench press was particularly bad today haha. I think I felt a bit pressured with coach spotting me HAHA. Cannot perform when she watch :P


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