CF log 10/03/16 (Thu)

YAZZZZ FRIDAY TMR. FRI-YAYYYY :D :D :D cannot waitttt.

Strength day today!

It’s back to the EMOM squats D:

15:00 back squat EMOM (3 x 5:00) –
5 reps [55.8kg, 4x 60.8kg]
3 reps [69.4kg]
1 rep [78.5kg, 2x 83.5kg, 2x 88.5kg] – yay hit my current PR today xD

7 x 3
Bench press [37.7kg, 2x 40.2kg, 4x 42.7kg]
Strict press [2x 28.6kg, 3x 31.1kg, 2x 33.6kg]
Deadlift [78.5kg, 2x 83.5kg, 4x 88.5kg]

The presses felt easier for me this week as compared to last week so that’s good! But I died at deadlifts for the last 4 sets. And what the heck.. my 3 RM deadlift weight is my 1 RM back squat??? And theoretically deadlift weight should be significantly heavier than back squat o.O

I just checked that my current 1 RM deadlift is at 96kg… how did I even do that?! I’m dying at 88.5kg T_T

I am gaining weight, but I feel like I’m getting weaker. #fats :(


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