CF log 19/03/16 (Sat)

Back to crossfit!

Tried out 16.4 today.

13:00 AMRAP –
55 deadlift [(155#)]
55 wall balls [(14#)]
55-cal row
55 HSPUs

I completed till the end of the row. It was about 12:38. By the time I walked to the wall for HSPUs and rested a bit, it was 13:00 hahaha. But anyway since I didn’t sign up, all the opens workouts were really done just for the experience; to see what it’s like. Even if the “stations” were closer together, I really don’t think I would have gotten very far cos my HSPUs suck haha. I took FOREVER (after the 13min mark) to finish all 55. I think 20-25min??? And I wasn’t even doing the full range!! Had one ab mat below my head. I wanted to try the full range (i.e. head and hands levelled) to simulate the actual workout as close as possible, but really CMI T_T Esp after all the 55s before this D: Anyway, I think I strained my neck a little from all the HSPUs… oops ><


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