Restaurant week: Pepenero

I randomly found this place from the list of restaurants participating in restaurant week. Sorted them by rating, then saw that this was quite ok priced with 4 stars. Menu looked not bad too cos there’s food that I would wanna try and can eat even on my lenten pescatarian diet! :D

So lunch today was a 3-course meal with Ray at S$33++ with choice of appetizer, main and dessert.

Funny how the dinner menu had the same food options but cost $55++ :O


Free bread before our food was served to us! Free flow hehehe :3

I usually don’t like this kinda french bread with the hard crust (think baguettes), but this one was quite good?

Think it’s cos it was toasted before serving to us so it was slightly warm, and the crust was not rly hard! It was quite soft and airy inside too :D

There were 3 options for appetizers:


Lobster bisque (above),


Crabcake (above),

And the last was a salad which obviously we did not choose haha.

For lobster bisque, would have preferred it with a thicker consistency! But otherwise I thought it had nice flavour. Super seafood-y :D And there were 2 really fresh prawns in it too ^^ (pic below)


Anyway, that’s the interior of the crabcake. Crab meat stuffing! It’s actually really nice cos it’s real crab and the crabcake was fried well; so crispy :D

For mains, we had the Linguine with lobster in arrabbiata sauce,


and Duck confit with black truffle sauce and mashed potatoes.


The last main option was a fish dish with Mediterranean sauce.

I actually chose the pasta over the fish even though I don’t really like tomato-based pastas.. cos I do prefer lobster over fish! Plus point is the pasta’s linguine which I kinda like too :)

And wow. No regrets with this tomato based pasta cos I actually liked the arrabbiata sauce? it was kinda like creamy tomato + teeny bit spicy. Pasta texture was good, lobster was great; tasted fresh!

I couldn’t taste the duck confit cos pescatarian, but I managed to try the mashed potatoes and the truffle sauce! They were so goooood ^^ Mashed potatoes were so creamy and the truffle taste was pretty distinct! I don’t care if it’s just truffle flavouring; it tasted awesome anyway :P hahaha.

And for desserts, there were only 2 options: Tiramisu and Lemon tart. So each of us chose a different one so we could try both! :D


The tiramisu was good but not great. I have tasted better.


But the lemon tart was delicious! Lemon curd was so tart and went so well with the crispy biscuit-y crust! I love lemon desserts and this was really good. Was telling Ray I could just keep eating this non-stop.. and just keep popping them into my mouth as an entire tart (it’s quite small) and eat them like snacks HAHA.

Overall, the experience was good :) And if i wanted some decent but not overly pricey Italian food, I think this place is not bad! Checked out the a la carte menu online and a pasta prolly costs about $20+ (exc. GST & service charge). There are mains that go up to $40+ (mostly the meats), and that’s the max I saw.

Anyway they do have set lunches on normal days out of restaurant week too. And it’s the same price @ $33++!

14 Stanley St, Singapore 068733



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