CF log 30/03/16 (Wed)


7 x 2 snatch grip btn push press [5 sets; worked from 28.6kg to 49.3kg]

Only managed 5 sets cos I couldn’t do the 49.3kg for 2 reps anymore after the 5th set :( Kept doing just 1 and missing the second one. Prolly should have dropped the weight back to 46.8kg… but oh well :P

7 x 1 squat snatch [worked from 37.7kg to 51.8kg]

Didn’t feel too great today. Had to try a third time before I could get that 51.8kg! My shoulders really couldn’t handle the weight anymore :P They were somehow quite fatigued… maybe also cos triceps still hurting??? hahaha.


7 rounds –
10 DB snatch (5L, 5R) [(17.5kg)]
10-cal row

Took about 15 min. Thought the 17.5kg would be really heavy but it was surprisingly ok :P Well at least ok enough for me to string the 5 snatches on each side!


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