CF log 31/03/16 (Thu)


7 x 2 front squat [46.8kg worked up to 74.4kg]
7 x 1 squat clean + split jerk [46.8kg worked up to 65.8kg]

Woohoooo! I finally know what it means to struggle with cleans and be ok with the jerk? ^^” Cos I’ve always had problems with jerks > cleans. But for the PR today I had a really ugly clean (kinda walked into it and struggled to get elbows up), but I could still jerk the bar up! Usually if I don’t have a smooth clean, I’ll not be able to jerk the bar anymore (prolly cos the clean affected my mental state haha).


4 rounds –
10 hang power clean (50kg) [51.8kg] – cos we can’t make 50kg with the weights
20 pistols (10L, 10R)

Took 16-17min. Cleans were heavy and I kept “slamming” them to my neck (front rack position) till I’ve got abrasions ><


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