CF log 03/04/16 (Sun)

Workout was sooo tiring today. It’s not one of those where you feel damn tired during the workout but recover damn fast. This one involved a longer recovery time too >< All of us were just lying dead on the ground after we were done :O

And btw, by the time we finished all the programmed stuff for the day, it was past the usual one hour.


5 x {3 strict press + 5 push press} [28.6kg, 33.6kg, 36.1kg, 37.7kg – assisted, 3 press]
*last set ME push press [36.1kg; assisted, 2 press]

By the time I hit the last set my arms were dead. Couldn’t even press properly. Anyway my push press technique’s not very good cos I don’t really use the dip-drive to “transfer energy” to my arms/shoulders and push the bar overhead. Like, I can’t transfer that energy from the drive; my arms always still end up half-bent overhead and I have to strict press it up, which is kinda inefficient and waste of energy :(

5 x 10 back squats [55.8kg, 64.9kg, 69.4kg, 2x 74.4kg]

Last few reps of the last set my legs were getting quite wobbly and I couldn’t really hold my body anymore. Had to really put in A LOT of effort to tighten all my muscles and squat the weight! Can die x_x


10-8-6-4-2 HSPUs
After every set 20 GHDs and 20 KB swings [(24kg)]

The killer workout that everyone just ‘died’ on the floor after. I prolly took close to half an hour to finish. Quite happy that HSPUs were pretty smooth today except for the round of 8. Could even string all 10 in the first round :D KB swings were the worst in this workout anyway ><


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