CF log 06/04/16 (Thu)

I wonder if people wonder if I think it’s a chore to type out my workouts and the weights every day/every time I go for crossfit haha. The answer is yes xD But I still do it anyway cos I like to keep track of stuff. Anyway, it’s getting more brief these days; just the bare bones and skeleton cos I’m lazy hahaha. Sometimes I even record it in my notes app or gmail so I can just copy and paste when I get home and do my logging after 10pm :P


1 x 10 back squat [69.4kg]
1 x 20 back squat [60.8kg]

Back breaking.

5 x 5 TnG power snatch [2x 33.6kg, 2x 36.1kg, 37.7kg]
+ 1 x ME set @ 85% [33.6kg; 10 reps]



3 rounds –
3 rope climbs
12 OHS (75#) [85#]

Finished in 18-19min. Idk why coach made me do 85#??! She wrote the weight in kg on the board, and it was 30kg. 85# is 35-ish kg?! Even when I was going for my ME snatches, she already came to tell me that it should be 25# on each side of the bar; then I told her I haven’t started wod yet (but in my mind I was thinking 15#+2.5kg as I was using is supposed to be the rx for wod???).

I confirmed the weight with her again just before I started on my OHS. I asked “30kg is 25# a side??!” And she said yes. I was like nooo it’s like 37kg already! Then she commented why am I so specific about the weights! But seriously!! 75# vs 85# (33kg vs. 38kg)… quite significant leh :P In the end I still did 85# as she said anyway lol.


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