CF log 07/04/16 (Fri)


Every 1:30 for 15:00 –
1 strict pull-up + 3 kipping pull-up + 5 ring dips

So it’s supposed to be 10 rounds to end at 15:00 mark, but I heard coach say stop after I finished the 9th round. So I just stopped and presumed the last 1:30 was to rest/change over to the next exercise? :P I was pretty happy to stop. The complex was tough >< Can imagine how bad it’d be if I did the intended movement, which is MU (instead of the strict pull-up I think) :O Even this complex, I couldn’t “rx” it cos I did banded ring dips from the 3rd round onwards… :/

5 x 5 power C&J [2x 37.7kg, 3x 42.7kg]
+ 1 x ME set [7-8 reps; 37.7kg] – can’t rmb if I did 7 or 8

Literally dying here esp after the pull-ups and ring dips. My shoulders and arms were already so fatigued from previous days.. plus all that work before C&Js!! This was painful.


3 rounds –
10 DB snatches (5L, 5R) [(20kg)]
15 box jump [24″]
20-cal row

Slow and steady was the way to go. I can’t believe they programmed 30kg DB snatches for females on outlaw :O


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