CF log 09/04/16 (Sat)


5 x 3 front squat [60.4kg, 65.4kg, 2x 70.4kg, 75.4kg]
5 x 1 (split) jerk [46.8kg work up to 65.4kg]
5 x 1 clean from above knee [51.3kg work up to 67.9kg]

Yayyy PR day! :D Didn’t PR split jerk but it did almost match my current one (like 400g diff? ^^”). Quite happy with clean PR though! The previous hang clean PR was 62-ish kg. I split the PRs by type of clean hahaha. Specific much. But anyway this 67.9kg is really the heaviest clean ever for me :D Like whether is power or hang or full hehehe.


100 wall balls [(14#)]
25 box jumps [24″]
25-cal assault bike
20 box jumps
20-cal assault bike
15 box jumps
15-cal assault bike

Took about 21min. After wall balls, my legs were so so jelly I could not do the assault bike anymore. I usually can get to 60+ RPM, but this time only 50+; no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t even get it to even 60 haha. Tried using arm power to pull/push the handles harder but it doesn’t work too :P


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