CF log 12/04/16 (Tue)


12:00 alternate EMOM –
5 C2B pull-ups
0:30 pistol squat hold (0:30 rest)

Tried my best but not all had chest touching bar ^^” Arms quite weak today lollol.


100 DUs
50 back squats [(95#)]
25 push press

60 DUs
30 back squats [(105#)]
15 push press

40 DUs
20 back squats [(115#)]
10 push press (115#) [105#]

Took more than 30 min. It was sooo bad. The back squats and push presses were supposed to be the same weight… I could not even rx my last set of push presses >< Just kept at the same weight as the 2nd round.

Oh, and it’s kinda my push press PR? Though I don’t really count it as one since I think I’ve not been keeping track of this PR much. Prolly already hit it a long time ago lollol :P


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