CF log 16/04/16 (Sat)


6 sets clean complex [37.7kg] –
3-position clean (high hang, above knee, ground) + 1 push press
+ 3-position clean + 1 push jerk
+ 3-position clean + 1 split jerk

Stuck with the same weight all the way. Something new, quite interesting, but so tiring for arms and legs… It’s usually at the last set of 3 cleans that I start to feel the fatigue in my arms ><


Teams of 3 –
150 TTB
*1 work, 1 rest, 1 barbell OH hold [(95#)]
150 S2OH [(95#)]
*1 work, 1 rest, 1 KB hold (16kg each side) [20kg]

This was modified from the team series workout we did last year. It’s supposed to be teams of 4 with 200 reps for each movement, and instead of KB hold it was hang from bar. So anyway, teamed with Yzanne and JW today. I prolly did about 55 TTB and 40-ish S2OH (gave up counting/summing my reps haha). Both of them were tanking the S2OH; we swapped “stations” every minute and I think they were doing like close to 20 or more each minute :P The max I pushed out was 15 I think haha.


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