CF log 20/04/16 (Wed)


5 x 5 power snatch [3x 33.6kg, 2x 37.7kg]

There was an ME set which I didn’t do haha.

1 x 10 back squat [69.4kg]
1 x 20 back squat [62.9kg]


4 rounds –
12-cal assault bike
2 rope climbs
6 C&J [(105#)]

Prolly took at least 20min?

Took leave from work today so no rush to shower! :D Managed to do 50 GHDs after class! Actually wanted to do 100 cos was gonna head to JB for the day to EAT (and eat and eat) xD But kinda tired after the wod so just did 50 :P

First ever time going to JB! With Jon and Xuely :D So actually this JB trip deserves a post of its own… but maybe another day soon. So tired from all the walking and eating today, but it was such a fun outing :D :D


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