JB day trip! :D

Took leave on Wednesday (earlier this week) and went to JB with Xuely and Jon.


Gonna try to document as much as I can cos first ever time going there HAHA! We just kept eating (and walking). And it was really quite fun, esp with the company :) Though I kept getting judged by Jon the entire day tskkk. (Anny pls come back so you get judged instead T_T hahaha)

*Note: This post is really a long grandmother story lollol (~2000 words?!). I don’t even know if I will have the patience to read it myself all over again next time :X

So it started when Jon came to pick me up to get to the SG checkpoint. I actually didn’t know I was being judged till one of our conversations with Xuely later on in the day -.- He was judging me for wearing slippers when we were going to be on the expressway, on a bike. And even the way I got on his bike was judged cos I could just cross my leg over and sit on the bike without needing to step on smth to get my leg over haha.

Even while clearing immigration, I was getting judged for being quite suaku/bimbo LOL. But ok, this one I guess I deserve to be judge cos really quite blur hahaha. Eh, but it’s my first time #givechancepls.

So there were these metal grills turn-y gates to walk through before reaching the immigration counters in SG, and I didn’t really know how to walk through it LOL. I think my brain couldn’t process the gate structure fast enough to figure out which entry I should take/which part I should push to “turn” myself in hahahaha. But I still figured it out and did it quite smoothly in the end ok. It’s not like I was standing there for a few seconds thinking how to do it! It was maybe just a split second hesitation thing (but enough to know I was hesitant haha)?! And yeah I actually thought aloud and said “how to go in” LOL.

So after going through, meeting Xuely, taking the bus and reaching JB, I asked if we were in JB already HAHA. I seriously just wanted to be sure cos my phone was still saying Singtel?! It’s a legit question what… but yess, judged again T_T #thekindoffriendsihave

Anyway, I think it was around 10.30am when we reached and headed to the Kin Wah for breakfast. Jon bought some kuehs before we had our coffee, eggs and toast :D Xuely was helping us order in Malay cos it seemed easier for them to understand? I had the full deal of coffee, eggs and toast, while Jon and Xuely had just the coffee and either eggs or toast #yayiamgreedy xD

I like the tapioca kueh :) But the other one was kinda diff from SG’s version? The green layer was not really very pandan/kaya-ish. I prefer the one from Bengawan Solo :P But the toast set (actually not really a set cos they must be ordered separately lol)… the eggs were damn good?! And the Hainanese coffee was so ‘gao’ yumyum ^^

After which we headed to Maco Vintage for crepe cakes! Well, actually only got one to share between  Xuely and myself. I actually think I ate more of the cake :X #becausegreedy Got the hazelnut one cos I’ve not tried it (9.5RM). It was not bad, but I think I would still prefer some chocolate-y flavour or the matcha oneeee :D


Chilled at the cafe for a while before heading for lunch. But before that, went to grab some of the popular banana cakes at Hiap Joo Bakery! We went when there was hardly any queue. I got 2 small boxes, which cost only 9.5RM :D

We were excited for lunch because we intended to go to Ya Wang for duck! But… IT WAS CLOSED T_T We knew it closed every alternate Wednesday, and that the alternate Wednesdays that it was closed coincided with Xuely’s off Wednesdays (cos she has alternate Wednesdays as off-days for her work too). So we went on a Wednesday when she was off without double-checking if it was opened T_T Oh wellll, guess we’ll just have to come back and make sure we count properly the next time we go to JB on a Wednesday! Or.. we could just not have a Wednesday trip if we wanna eat the duck hahaha.

So we headed to IT Roo for their chicken chop instead! It only opened at 12nn and we were early. So Jon and Xuely went to get coffee from Chaiwalla & Co.. I didn’t cos I wanted to save my stomach for other food and didn’t wanna waste space on drinks lol. I took a sip of coffee from each of them though. And I thought the coffee and honey combi Jon got was really quite nice! Actually regretted a bit for not getting a cup for myself after coming back to SG haha. I’ll prolly get it when I go there again xD

Back to chicken chop at IT Roo. I thought it was really quite good for the price (16RM); can’t complain much! The batter of the fried chicken chop was so shiok, and wedges were so yumz idk how Jon and Xuely can resist finishing them HAHA. I was using my wedges to soak up all the remaining mushroom sauce on the plate that was meant for my chicken chop. Xuely actually ordered the grilled chicken chop with black pepper sauce (no photo) instead, so I got a chance to try it! I do prefer the fried version, but I’m pretty partial about the sauces. Maybe I’ll try the fried chicken chop with black pepper sauce next time!


After lunch, the eating stops for a while hahaha. Headed to the aircon-ed malls for some walking. Went to Daiso and Guardian, and chilled at the parents lounge of Angry Birds Activity Park for kids (which was within the mall). Also went to some supermarket just to look see at food products and compare prices (at least I did) lollol xD

Kept walking to and fro the two malls that I’m a bit confused now which is which LOL. I only remember there’s a City Square Mall and a more ‘atas’ mall. I think the places I mentioned above were in the atas one….. (confirm kena judged again for being blur and not even knowing mall name hahaha).

/edit: Ok, so I was told by Jon that the other (atas) mall’s name is Komtar JBCC. And yay didn’t get judged? Hahaha.

Oh during our time walking around malls, we also went to this shop that supposedly sold local snacks/produce. Went in cos I thought I should get the chicken biscuits and dried nutmeg that my mum asked for because there would not be any dabao-ed duck anymore (I initially said I would dabao duck from JB cos it’s supposed to be very good T_T); thought I shouldn’t go home too empty-handed HAHA.

I’m not sure when, but at some point after walking around malls for a while, we went to get more food (of course)! This time, within the malls #yayaircon! We had Auntie Anne’s, fruit juice (Jon and Xuely) and matcha soft serve (Xuely and me shared but I had most of it again :P).

Xuely and I had a cinnamon sugar pretzel each, while Jon got this pretzel sticks coated with chocolate sauce. His was quite nice but damn messy hahaha. I dipped my pretzel in some of the chocolate sauce and got my hands all messy too :P Hm, I think the pretzel could be “harder”…? The texture was a bit too soft for me; like, the pretzels I’ve had at SG are better. Jon said that perhaps it’s the outlet (cos there’s actually another outlet in the other mall).

Fruit juices were from the same area that we got the pretzels! And speaking of which, fruit juice actually spilled on my bag while I was queuing for my Auntie Anne’s. ALL JON’S FAULT. So, after I got my pretzel I saw that we had shifted tables, and there was this pool of juice on our earlier table. Initially, I thought that someone other than any of us spilled juice and we were forced to shift. But after we all got our food and drinks and started eating, I realised that my bag (which I put on my lap) was a bit damp. I thought my water leaked…. then Jon said he spilled the juice! D: But ok, my bag is waterproof and it was only slightly damp hahaha.

Anyway, after the pretzels and juice, I was actually a bit full and didn’t need to eat anymore. So I told Jon I don’t want the matcha ice-cream anymore. But we still went there anyway >< Then Jon asked again if I wanted, to which I said no cos I’m full. I was trying to save my stomach for dinner??? HAHA. I think it was already 3-ish and we planned for dinner at 5-ish. But irritating Jon kept saying to just buy.


Actually, even when he kept telling me to get it, I was pretty determined and kept saying no… until I think Xuely also fed up and was like “aiya just buy I share with you” and she was already making her way to the seller HAHAHA. So I just said “OK” without much hesitation HAHAHA. Omg I am #weak T_T But I guess my friends know me well; actually deep down I really wanna try it and I can still eat LOL. I ended up eating probably 90% of it cos Xuely said it was too sweet for her liking. I thought the matcha taste was pretty strong and good though! So worth it for the price hehe; I think it was 2.5RM. Anyway, I threw away the cone cos it was the McD vanilla cone kind which I don’t really like (there was no cup option).

Walked around a bit more after eating all these snacks. Xuely and I had a quick walk in some clothes shop (Padini I think) while Jon sat somewhere waiting for us. Then we went to walk at some bread shops.. I bought 2 breads from Lavendar – yam bun and matcha red bean mochi (I had them for breakfast for the next two mornings after the trip and I preferred the yam one!). Bread was cheap like baker talent in SG, or slightly cheaper?? Less than SGD1 each and so yummy :D

Then it was close to 5 and we made our way to Meldrum Walk for dinner! Apparently the stalls start to open around 5, hence the timing. And we were aiming to catch the 7pm train back to SG so it was good dinner timing :)

First, had this plate of char kuay teow. The nice CKT stall was not open, so we settled for this instead… and it was actually not very nice T_T


Then we headed for some soup. Jon said there was nice mutton soup!

But on the way to the soup stall, we came across a push cart that sold pancakes. They smelled quite good so I decided to get them after Jon said we could share (sharing again haha) xD Anyway, it was just 2.5RM for 3 pieces with peanut and corn filling. I didn’t know there was corn in there; I don’t really like corn in food (but on its own is fine) >< Bought it anyway since it was cheap and could throw away if it’s really not nice (or we became too full to eat)? :X


We each had half a pancake before our soups. Tbh, not very nice haha :/

So anyway for the soups, I shared the mutton one with Jon while Xuely got the chicken one cos she doesn’t take mutton. I have no idea if I tried mutton soup before… but this soup was superrr tasty and the mutton was good too! (I’ve actually always had a bad impression of mutton cos of mutton satay, which is tougher than chicken satay, so I don’t like them). The soup base was prolly the same for both soups; just different meats.


Then… (lastly), we backtracked and walked back to the fish stall to get bbq stingray and pomfret! :D Oh, and chicken wings toooo ^^ It was quite funny when the stall owner said she saw us walking to and fro LOL. She also agreed that the CKT we had was not nice and the nicer one was closed that day xD



We were so full after this. Such a satisfying dinner! :D And I think it was prolly only 25-30RM per person. Not bad for the amount of food we had! :)

Made our way to the train station and I got some tapioca chips from a snack stall before we left. Two giant bags for just 4RM each! :D

We were super kiasu/auntie while waiting, boarding, and exiting the train thanks to Jon. Once the barriers were open at the train station in JB, we just walked very quickly through, went into the nearest carriage we saw (maybe this was a strategic move by Jon too cos it’s nearest to the immigration counters, idk?) and sat in the first row nearest to the exit.

I got judged again while taking the train back cos I said smth like “ooh we’re on railway tracks!”. Aiya, it was just such an exciting day for me cos it’s my first trip to JB? So taking the train from JB to back to SG was interesting/exciting too? Haha :P

Then finally when the train reached SG and we had to get off, I just asked to confirm we were in SG. Ofc, got some roll-eye reaction from Jon again but whateverrrr; I think I was used to it by then LOL.

Anyway, we walked super fast again once we got off in order to beat the crowd. Somehow I was walking in front though I didn’t know exactly where to go :P Then I just kept hearing Jon saying “left, left, left”. But actually my next left turn was through the doors into immigration counters? But what he meant was to turn left again to go to the auto gantries for SG passport holders lollol.

OK THAT CONCLUDES THE AWESOME DAY OUT :D It felt so much like a holiday~ We ate and walked so much; my iphone said ~20k steps and ~15km :O (I do hope our walking justified the eating haha :P) #abruptendlol



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