CF log 04/05/16 (Wed)

BACK FROM MA HOLIDAY! :D And one week of no crossfit! I probably lost some muscles :P
(*anw, i realised that i didn’t log the workout i did the day i left. i.e. last wed. and i forgot what i did specifically now. oh well!)


5 x 3 TnG power C&J [37.7kg worked up to 54.3kg]
1 x 90-sec ME power C&J [49.3kg; 6 reps]


10 rounds –
4 MUs [4 pull-up, 4 ring dip]
7 strict HSPU [did kipping]
12 KB snatches (6L, 6R) (24kg) [12kg]

I only did 8 rounds cos time was up :P So probably took 20-ish min to do the 8 rounds? And I didn’t even rx it lollol.


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