CF log 08/05/16 (Sun)

Sometimes I rest on Sundays. But not this week! Cos I just came back from Perth and only had 4 days (excluding today) of workout haha :P


5 x 3 push jerk [37.7kg worked to 55.8kg]
5 x 3 front squat [46.8kg worked to 78.5kg]

78.5kg was my 1RM a while ago, and I got it to 3 today :)


15 rounds –
2 squat clean [(55kg)]
3 strict pull-ups

Finished in about 20min! Thought it would be worse cos of the heavy cleans. But I guess it was not as bad I as thought, except for the fact that I could feel my neck getting abrasions towards the last few rounds cos it hurt so much when I cleaned the bar up haha. Also at the last few rounds, the 2nd rep of cleans for each round got harder lol. Needed more prep time haha; but the 1st reps were still not too bad!


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