CF log 10/05/16 (Tue)

7th day in a row. Been a while since I did this long stretch of no break cf. Can really feel my muscles starting to get fatigued. Needa get my protein in for recovery; but have not been taking in much :P


5 x 5 TnG power snatch [37.7kg]
1 x ME @ 85% [33.6kg]

Back squats –
1 x 10 [69.9kg]
1 x 20 [64.9kg]



3 rounds –
30 pistols (15L, 15R)
10 power clean [(95#)]

Finished in about 10min. Actually, I didn’t really use the 95# load that I usually do. Cos of all the kg to lbs conversion, I usually use to 25# plates and a 2.5kg on each side of a 15kg bar. But today coach passed me 10kg plates (instead of 25# ones) to load. So it’s like 2kg lighter than my usual “95#” ><

As I was doing the wod, coach asked me why the way I did power cleans looked so different from my full squat cleans; my power cleans were not as nice (in terms of technique) as my full squat cleans, and it reminds her of how this other guy in the box does it = bicep curl LOL. But she did say it was not that bad to the extent of bicep curling the bar, just not as nice to watch haha! Then she asked if it’s cos the bar was too light. I was afraid she was gonna make me add weight for the next rounds (I was still at my first) so I just said “erm… it’s ok” HAHA.


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