CF log 11/05/16 (Wed)

Idk why but this week feels kinda long. Like… it’s only midweek now??


5 x 3 TnG C&J [42.7kg worked to 51.8kg]
+1 ME @ 85% [42.7kg; 5 reps] – arms were just too shag so gave up lol

5 x 5 front squats [46.8kg worked to 2x 64.9kg]

Actually can’t remember if I did get up to 69.9kg for my last rep… haha. But I’m getting really tired/achy so perhaps 64.9kg was really the max I could go today. It seriously felt like such a struggle!


5 rounds –
1:00 ME burpee box jump [did ~7 per round]
1:00 ME TTB [did ~12 per round]
1:00 ME OHS [(85#); did 2 rounds 10 reps, 3 rounds 8 reps]
1:00 rest

We had 15-sec to rest/move to the next station between each exercise; so effectively it’s like 0:45 ME. Still, enough to feel damn shag :P


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