CF log 14/05/16 (Sat)

Day 11. My body is really crashing. Even during the roll-overs warm up, my whole body was just so stiff I could not really stretch. Legs, back, everything D: #restdaytmr


5 x 5 push jerks [37.7kg, 46.8kg, 3x 51.8kg]
8 x 10 GHDs

Today I learnt that I should not be using my abs so much for GHDs, but my legs instead lollol. And, somehow it made GHDs easier :P


100-80-60-40-20 DUs
10-8-6-4-2 thrusters [(105#)]
After each round 2 MUs or 5 pull-up + 5 ring dips [I did pull up, ring dip]

It was quite a terrible wod for me. Thrusters are my worst barbell movement, DUs tire me out really quickly, I can’t do MUs. Even the scaled version, I suck at ring dips lol. Oh, but I was surprised I could string up to 4 thrusters at 105#! The last time I did a wod at this weight, I did singles HAHA (maybe at most strung 2 reps?).

Still, felt like I took damn long to complete this cos I saw everyone keeping barbells while I was still somewhere at my last round :P Thankfully still finished just in time around 11am (10am class today) hahah.


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