CF log 21/05/16 (Sat)

Back to 9am classes!! :D Cos the last session of stretch class (which took up the 9am slot) was last week.


5 x 3 push press [33.6kg worked to 2x 46.8kg]
5 x 3 push jerk [37.7kg worked to 59.3kg]

Actually tried 61.8kg for my last set of jerks, but only did 1 rep and failed so dropped to 59.3lkg and re-did the set haha. I realised I never do push jerks so heavy; would be doing split jerks already! So… 61.8kg isit considered push jerk PR cos never do before? Lollol.


10 rounds –
1:00 7 burpees
1:00 5 thrusters [(95#)]
1:00 sprint (~100m?)

Was kinda tiring while doing it, but after it was done I think it wasn’t that bad… there are really much worse workouts haha.

On the last round, Xin asked us to try doing amrap of burpees/thrusters in the minute. I think no one did it for thrusters HAHA, but David and I did amrap burpees at the very last min (I managed 15) and unexpectedly, we got atas mylk from Xin after class cos we ‘entertained her request’ hahahah xD yayyy :P


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