CF log 25/05/16 (Wed)


5 x 3 front squat [46.8kg worked to 70.8kg]
7 x 1 power snatch [37.7kg worked to 49.3kg]

I have no idea how I did 78kg-ish for 3 reps of front squats before (based on records)… unless I recorded it wrongly?! D: Apparently it used to by 78kg as 1RM, and one fine day there was a new PR where I could do that weight for 3RM. But today I already felt like dying at 70kg -.-

There was supposed to be an ME set for snatches but I didn’t do it >< And anyway, I found out that I only improved by 2.5kg for power snatches since like 5 months ago?? :O


5 rounds –
20-cal row
7 hang clusters [(85#)]

Finished in about 17:25. Yay, less than 20min, not bad I guess hahaha :P


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