CF log 28/05/16 (Sat)

Just a bit about yesterday first –

Missed cf yesterday morning cos I woke up half an hour late :/ Went back to sleep, but when I woke up again later, did 100 burpees and 100 sit-ups as a quick workout cos I felt weird not working out on a weekday morning before work hahaha :P

Saturday (today)

After the 100 burpees yesterday, the warm-up today was 10-1 burpees lollol.

Anyway, there was just one long wod today, which I thought was pretty fun!

Teams of 3 (with Yzanne and CZ) –
100 deadlifts [(95#)]
80 power cleans
60 front squats
40 jerks
20 clusters
*1km row between each exercise; ended with 1km row

It was supposed to be 5-4-3-2-1km of rowing after each exercise respectively. But that would have taken forever cos even with the 1km rows in-between it took till the end of class :P

Did the snatch ladder from regionals with Yzanne, Jon and David after class too. Scaled down haha. Girls did 65#(5 reps)-85#(4)-95#(3)-105#(2)-115#(1). My 115# was so unstable; I had problems standing back up… but I did, walking style LOL.

Then Jon left for work while the remaining 3 of us continued with some work up to 1RM clean. I stopped after hitting 64.9kg, which was quite fast haha. Rested for a bit and Yzanne suggested we all do tabata assault bike. Really felt the leg burn after that >< Managed 44-cal in the 8 rounds of tabata (0:20 on, 0:10 off).


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