CF log 05/06/16 (Sun)

Yay day 7 of crossfit! :D Just felt up to it!


8:00 EMOM 1 squat snatch [37.7kg worked to 2x 51.8kg]

I think my shoulders were already pretty fried after this. And it got worse with the subsequent exercises… :P

3 x 5 snatch balance [37.7kg, 2x 46.8kg]
3 x 5 snatch high pull [37.7kg, 42.7kg, 46.8kg]


Thrusters [(105#)]
Bar MUs [jumping]

Didn’t finish the last 2 MUs cos I really couldn’t get myself over the bar anymore (even though I already scaled down and did jumping bar MUs!) >< As I was doing the last few MUs, kept hitting my sternum against the bar; and each time that happens I won’t be able to over the bar anymore. It’s like getting stabbed/dealt a hard punch to your chest?! So I kinda just “bounce back”. Crazy impact, and the more I hit it the more painful it got till I eventually just gave up T_T Next time I will try to pull myself higher and aim for the bar-to-hip thing… I guess?

But quite satisfied with thrusters cos i managed to string 3 at a time! I used to only be able to do singles for this weight! So I’m getting more consistent at stringing reps at this weight now :)


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