CF log 07/06/16 (Tue)


10:00 EMOM 3 jumping bar MU

I probably only managed one a minute. Max two. Super fail today T_T I think it’s partly cos I did so many just 2-3 days back during the wod, and I have a phobia of slamming the bar too hard on my sternum cos it still kinda hurts a bit. It’s like an external bruise, orh ceh now :/

10:00 EMOM 1 hang squat snatch + 1 high-hang squat snatch
[37.7kg worked to 2x 46.8kg]

My right thumb ripped after this cos of hook grip and I didn’t tape it up. Usually tape up my thumb but was lazy today :P I actually only realised the rip during the wod when I wondered why there was a bit of blood on my index finger?? Then saw that it came from the open blister on the thumb lollol.


5 rounds –
15-cal row
10 burpee broad jumps
50 DUs

Sweat fest. Not sure how long I took, but at least I finished it by 8am (when class officially ends) :) Broad jumps shagged my legs. Felt like I jumped less and less broad LOL. Can’t believe it was actually 50 of those burpee broad jumps EACH ROUND on outlaw programming! We only did 50 in total during this wod and it is quite tiring/bad already… :P


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