CF log 29/06/16 (Wed)

Had lock out position ring holds and some back extension exercise on the GHD (with 6kg medicine ball) as warm-up.


5 x 5 front squats [51.3kg worked to 2x 65.4kg]

I was dying for the last 2 sets. Omg, my front squats really seem very cui???

10 x 1 hi-hang squat snatch [28.6kg worked to 49.3kg]

Tried 51.8kg but got into the squat then couldn’t balance and get up :P SO CLOSE hahaha.

5 x 2 3-position snatch hold (no idea what to call this) [46.8kg worked to 56.8kg]

So basically, hold the bar for 3-sec in 3 positions (mid-shin slightly above ground, at knee, dip position), then repeat; that’s one set. Had to do 5 sets.


4 rounds –
80m run
20 KB swing [(24kg)]
20 front rack lunges (10L,10R) [(65#)]

Think I took quite long for this :P Lunges were harder than I thought haha!

Anyway, on leave today!!! So went for brkf with coaches and other morning peeps :D Wanted to have just my kopi o kosong cos didn’t feel like eating anything (I’m usually not very hungry after workouts)? But ended up also having some roast meat, 2 eggs, and half a lava french toast from toastbox (cos coaches treat); on top of my kopi HAHA.


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