CF log 02/07/16 (Sat)

We did the deck of cards wod today! Been a really long time since we did it…

Today’s movements –

Diamonds = thrusters [(95#)]
Clubs = GHDs
Hearts = pistols
Spades = C2B (or pull-ups) [did C2B]

Ok, tbh I can’t remember exactly which shape was for which movement. But those were the 4 movements.


Joker = run 1 lap (2 per deck)
Face cards = 10 reps
Ace = 20 reps

The reps were shared between each partner. Back to partnering my usual partner, Anny. YAY :D

We took about 35min to finish everything I think? Had to run another lap after completing our deck cos we realised that we had one joker missing. Then after everything, we realised we did the wrong rep scheme for pistols >< The numbers on the card represented the number of pistols per side/leg. So 10 means 10L, 10R total, i.e. each partner does 5L, 5R. But what we did for 10 was each partner does 5, i.e. 3L, 2R or 3R, 2L per partner. Oops :P


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