CF log 03/07/16 (Sun)

Something else that we’ve not done for a reeeealllyyy long time; death by (insert movement here) wods!

No strength/skill. Just this.

12-min each –
Death by power snatches [(85#)]
Death by power cleans [(95#)]
Death by push jerks [(95#)]

So each minute, you are supposed to increase one rep of that movement, i.e. first min 1 rep, second min 2 reps etc. When you are unable to complete the reps for that minute, restart from 1 the next minute.

For snatches, I completed up to 8 reps in the 8th minute. On the 9th minute, only managed 4. Then did 1, 2, 3 reps for the remaining 3 minutes. [total: 46 reps]

For cleans, managed up to 10 reps in the 10th minute :) (best movement for me). On the 11th minute, did only 6 reps. Then 1 rep in the last minute. [total: 62 reps]

For jerks, did up to 9 reps in the 9th minute. On the 10th minute, managed 6 reps. Dropped to 1 rep on the 11th. Then since it was the last minute of jerks was also the last minute of the entire wod, we were asked to do ME; and I managed 8 reps. [total: 59 reps]


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