CF log 04/07/16 (Mon)


5 x 3-position clean [37.7kg worked to 51.8kg]


5 rounds –
10 jerks (50kg) [45kg]
10 TTB
200m run

Finished in ~30 min. Arms/shoulders really damn shag. Tons of jerks yesterday and more today x_x

The reality that I am now unemployed it slowly sinking in… and it actually feels pretty awesome! So gonna cherish all the time I have before school starts for me haha. I even have time to foam roll and do extra stuff after wod! Back to the times when I was still an undergrad :D

5 x 5 front squats [2x 55.8kg, 58.3kg, 60.8kg, 65.8kg]

I really felt like dying with 65kg hahaha.

After this, had time to go for breakfast and chill/chat with Anny. Damn shiok~ It was so empty at Yakun and we met Gladys and John too haha!


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