CF log 05/07/16 (Tue)


Back squats –
2 x 5 [60.8kg, 65.8kg]
1 x 10 [65.8kg]
1 x 20 [60.8kg]

Hahahah yeah ikr. Why are my 5 rep squats the same as my 10 and 20 :P Erm I guess cos I took the 5 rep sets as warming up?? ^^” (read: started too light). Either way, my 10 and 20 rep sets were lighter than what I used in the past when outlaw programming had a lot of these 10 and 20 rep back squats :/ But my back still felt like it was gonna break after the 20 reps. I actually already felt like dying by the time I hit 10 out of 20 ><

Went to do the wod almost immediately after. Not a very good idea…. but otherwise would prolly finish too late? Hahaha :P


5-4-3-2-1 rope climbs
10-15-20-25-30 wall balls
Alternate the 2 movements starting with rope climb

I really took damn long. Super duper slow for the first few sets. No energy to do the rope climbs?! And when I got to the first set of wall balls, I was already breaking them up into 5-5 instead of stringing 10 o.O haha. I really felt damnnn bad; like super shag. By the time I reached my last set of wall balls, I felt like puking haha.

Then I realised there was still GHDs to do after the wod –

5 x 10 GHDs

They’re supposed to be easy but it felt quite tiring; like not as fast/smooth than I can usually do them haha.

Rested quite a bit before starting on my squats program! Gonna do the 3-week Smolov Jr. program to train my squats!! Finally doing something about them haha. The inertia was GREAT to start today cos of the damn tiring workout. But Anny started, so I did too :P Set my 1RM as 175# (~80kg); used the online calculator to determine the weights.

Smolov Jr.

Week 1 Day 1 –
6 x 6 front squats @ 70% [125#]


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