CF log 06/07/16 (Wed)

Selamat Hari Raya! 9am wod this public holiday instead of the usual 7am class.

Just a partner WOD :D No strength/skill.

Shared reps with a partner –
200m KB farmer’s carry [20kg each side] (i.e. 1 round around building)
100 cleans (105#) [mix of 105#, 115#, 125#]
100 GHDs
100 box jumps
200m KB farmer’s carry [20kg each side]

There were pairs who finished way before time and were asked to complete 100 jerks as well; so Anny and I would have done that too if we finished earlier. But nah, we took quite a while ^^” I did more cleans, in exchange for Anny doing more GHDs haha; a 60-40 split for both movements.

Anyway, my cleans were a weird mix of weights cos… the rx written on the board was 50kg; so I loaded the 15kg bar with 35# plates and 2.5kg on each side = 51.3kg/~115#. Then after I was more than halfway through, coach said I was doing rx+ and she meant only 105#, which is just the 35# plates loaded. So I continued a few reps with 105#. BUT there was a 125# bar behind me and she decided that I should do that instead :O So I was doing it for maybe 10 (or less) reps when she realised I had quite a number of reps left (i.e. 15). Then she told me to go back to the 105# and just do the 125# for my last 5 reps LOL. So yeah, story of my cleans – in summary, I prolly did like 30+ at 115# (what I thought was the 50kg rx on the board), 10+ reps at 105# (intended rx), 10+ at 125# hahaha.

More front squats after class again.

Smolov Jr.

Week 1 Day 2 –
7 x 5 front squats @ 75% [130#]

I’m actually quite excited to see if this programming will work hehehe :P


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